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In a world where so many furniture pieces are mass produced, great antiques will stand the test of time and buck the trends. You can’t go wrong when you place statement pieces where they belong, front and center. They’ll bring originality and character to your home and become part of the memories created in your precious moments spent with family and friends.

Decorating with vintage and antique furniture and materials is not limited to historic homes or formal rooms. A savvy decorator can incorporate antiques into practically any decorating style, including contemporary styles. Knowing that each vintage treasure you find has a history and an untold story adds to the appeal of decorating with elements that have a timeworn charm. Finding new uses for old things is the cornerstone of decorating with budget-friendly antiques or old salvaged building materials.

Home Decorating

“How to decorate my home with used furniture?”

  • 1. Look for good used furniture
  • When I say look, begin with This Ol' House in Brownwood first since we are very helpful with used furniture and antiques that are up for sale for insanely cheap prices.
  • 2. Rearrange things
  • It is so amazing how simple re-organizations of pieces can do wonders to any space. When I found my sofa to be too big and I needed more space for my five-year-old to run around, I opted to place it near the wall! Now the center looks more expansive than before.
  • 3. Paint them
  • You want to know how to decorate your home with used furniture without spending tons of money? Paint them! Definitely I invested sweat and a little time just to get things done. But no regrets. My used furniture looked as if they are brand-new. It even felt like I had given them new life (now this is making me teary-eyed right now). The best pieces to work on were definitely wood. Before painting them, I would sand them really hard to make sure the paint could stay in the material for a very long time. If I did not have a lot of time to work on things, I just used spray paint.

Consignment Approval Process

  • 1. You, the consignor, receive 60% of the selling price for items that sell. This Ol' House, the consignee, receives 40%.
  • 2. Items will be on the floor for 30 days. Pricing is decided at time item is accepted.
  • 3. Consignors are welcome to use any credit on their account toward purchases of merchandise in the store. Consignors will be paid for items sold on the last Saturday of the month.
  • 4. Items accepted must be clean, in good condition, and reasonably priced. Please call Jeannie Pruett (325-642-1800) to make an appointment to bring items.
  • 5. This Ol' House will not be responsible for stolen or damaged items. We reserve the right to deny or accept items for consignment.

About Us

Owners Jeannie Pruett, Donna Gipson, Celia Salyer are having the time of their life collecting special items for their new store, helping folk find the right piece of used furniture or antique to finish out a special room or create a comfortable area in the house.

Since February 2014, our goal has been to save our consignors time and money by giving their furniture exposure to potential buyers without incurring expensive advertising or overhead costs. Consignment is also a safe and easy alternative to selling on eBay or Craigs List.

Our consignors are our business partners. We work closely with each of them to form a lasting, successful and profitable relationship for both of us. Many consignors have been with us from the beginning and most are our greatest shoppers too!

Come see us--Jeannie Pruett, Donna Gipson, Celia Salyer. We are a great friend team excited to help you sell your furniture and inspire you to create your new space! The showroom is always in a state of flux. It changes so often that many of our customers have become addicted to shopping with us on almost a daily basis and have learned the hard way that what is here today, may not be tomorrow!

Why Us


When you bring your used furniture or antiques in for consignment you are helping the community by sharing those items you enjoyed and encouraging others to find new ways of using them.


The three of us have many fresh ideas of how to decorate our used furniture and we gladly share ideas of how you may rearrange your room to make it exciting again.


Since we are local girls, we network with folk in and around Brownwood to try to find that special item you are looking for to complete your current project.

Store Hours

Come browse our collection of used furniture and antiques any Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.